Add New WiFi Location

You can use this page to add a new WiFi Location to WorldWiFinder for free. Please go through steps 1 to 9 in order to add a new WiFi location. The numbers in red are required fields. The town/city can only be selected after choosing a continent and country. If a country or town/city does not appear in the drop down list, you need to add the city yourself.





Town / City not here? Then you need to add the town/city first.


Lat / Lng

Address Details

(separate each line by a comma)




Free (You do not have to pay to gain access. This may require login or signup but not payment is required.)
Paid For (You must make a payment either directly or indirectly in order to gain access)

Once you click add, your WiFi location will be submitted and reviewed before appearing on the WorldWiFinder directory.