Add New WIFI Location

You can use this page to add a new WIFI Location to WorldWiFinder for free. Please go though steps 1 to 9 in order to add a new WiFi location. The numbers in red are required fields. The town/city can only be selected after choosing a continent and country. If a country or town/city does not appear in the drop down list, you need to add the city yourself.


(1) WiFi Location Name


(2) Continent
(3) Country
(4) Town / City Town / City not here? Then you need to add the city first.
(5) Exact Location
  Lat / Lng

Address Details

(6) Address (separate each line by a comma)
(7) Postal Code / ZIP Code


(8) Category
(9) Cost to Connect Free (You do not have to pay to gain access. This may require login or signup but not payment is required.)
Paid For (You must make a payment either directly or indirectly in order to gain access)

Once you click add, your WiFi location will be submitted and reviewed before appearing on the WorldWiFinder directory.